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Chinese Massage Liverpool, Merseyside

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Chinese massage (anmo) combines the physiotherapy principles of western massage with traditional Chinese medicine and has three main techniques:

  • Tui na
  • Zhi Ya
  • Fuzang

Tui Na involves muscle manipulation such as kneading, stretching and friction along with heated herbal application and meridian applications .

Zhi Ya uses more acupressure techniques, for example, pressing and pinching, to stimulate blood flow.

Fuzang (internal organ massage) is based on the digestive system and how abdomen massage can affect the entire body.

Chinese Massage
Crosby Wellness Centre
91 St Johns Road
L22 9QL
Tel: 0151 920 0008
Our team of professional qualified therapists at Crosby Wellness Centre are committed to ensuring you enjoy the hig...

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